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Help Your Kids Drink Less Sugar for a Healthier Tomorrow.

Spot Hidden Sugar

Same sugar. Different package.

Protect Kids’ Health

Even one sugary drink a day can be harmful to your kids.

Too much sugar can lead to:

Tooth Decay
Heart Disease

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Liver Disease

One sugary drink per day leads to:
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increased risk for type 2 diabetes

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higher risk of dying from heart disease

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higher risk of cavities

Choose Healthy Drinks

Helpful tips to replace sugary drinks for your kids.

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Offer refillable cups or water bottles and teach kids to fill them before leaving home.

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Choose healthier vending and menu options like bottled water or other alternatives with low or no sugar.

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Offer water instead of sugary drinks during sports events and kids’ parties.

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To create more taste and excitement, flavor water with fruit slices (lemon, berries, cucumbers).

Learn More

Helpful tips on how you and your family can drink less sugar.

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